Monday, August 20, 2012

My new role - Close To My Heart Independent Consultant!!

Hey everyone, I have recently decided to jump into the role of being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant! I am very excited about this new "role". Since I had my kids, taking pictures has been a HUGE part of my daily life. I love capturing those candid moments, and creating the framework, to tell the "story". I have scrapbooked for some time, however, I have within the past year developed a strong liking for the CTMH products. The quality of the embellishments and stickers are superb! And the On The Go Kits...I can't say enough! I was sold, pretty much the moment I started using them. Which lead me to my new role.

You mightbe asking me where I thought of the name....well, after some thought, I kept coming back to our favorite place to make memories, Disneyland!! Since my daughter is so in love with all the princesses, what comes to mind, Happily Ever After. Hence, Scrappily Ever After! And the 12??.......well that is the magic hour for Cinderella =)

Close To My Heart just isn't about scrapbooking however. There's stamping, 3-D projects and so much more! I will be updating this site frequently, and if nothing else, I sure hope I can inspire you to be creative, be adventurous with your projects, and most importantly have fun and CREATE!

If you'd like to know how to become an Independent Consultant, as me how!!

Until next time, make it a FANTASTIC day!


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