Monday, January 6, 2014

My new boutique!

Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce that my business is moving outside of my home. I will actually have a boutique location. My location will be located at 1572 W. Ocotillo Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ We are slotted for a Jan. 18th opening.

I make a variety of crafts, but as of right now, I sell personalized canvases, subway art, birthday/anniversary charts & decorative wooden/chipboard letters. Custom Orders are always welcome!! Please message me and I will be happy to come up with something for you!

Current Processing time is 1-2 weeks. Please give me time to work on all open orders, as I am the only one working behind this shop! :)

I am very excited to see my business grow. 2013 was a fantastic year for us and my business and I am looking forward to a wonderful new year.

As my inventory is replenished, I will be posting new pics. So please, make sure to check back frequently.



  1. How did your launch go? I bet it was a success. With so many people who are into crafts nowadays, it wouldn’t be hard for you to attract potential customers. Anyway, I hope you kept your followers posted at all times with new events and promos. That will surely make them go back for more. Thanks for sharing!

    Sean McCrory @ Graham Commercial Real Estate

  2. That’s great to hear! Moving your shop to another location is a good idea. It lets you meet new customers, and you can also choose a more favorable location for your shop. I wish you luck to all your future endeavors. All the best!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett-Halvorson Associates

  3. Having a location for your own shop is very gratifying; it shows how much your business has grown over time. It is good to hear that some entrepreneurs are being rewarded for their efforts and hard work, and it could be seen by the move of their businesses from their own homes into a land and property only for their stores. It serves as a reward for being able to sell their products productively. I hope your business will prosper for years to come!

    Jerald Weaver @ Blue Harbour Property Management, Inc.